• Research Intern @ Persistence (DeFi Research) [Present]
  • Intern @ Superbolter (Using Python to automate data collection and web scraping)
  • Intern @ Punar (Writing Software for a famous microcontroller to fetch data form APIs, process it, and build a GUI to display it)
  • Intern @ ACS Business Solution (Building an eCommerce website in ASP.NET C# + MySQL)
  • Intern @ Techimax (Developing a 8-hour Blockchain Course)

Fellowships, Ambassador, Startups and such

  • Writer @ Data Driven Investor. [Present]
  • Fellow @ Ethereum India Fellowship
  • Workshops, Webinars, Talks @ Wolters Kluwer, ChennaiPy (@ IMSc, Chennai), JavaScript Meetup Bangalore, Chennai Web Group, C4 Developer’s Republic
  • Project Head @ VIT Linux User Group
  • C++ Mentor @ GirlScript’s The Uplift Project
  • Mentor @ JIIT JMOC (For my own project, Tasveer)
  • CTO @ C4 Projects
  • Core Committee Member @ RoboVITics, the Robotics Club of VIT